IMG_9361 - Version 2Glass Scape


IMG_7753 - Version 3Rivet

Dewy Morning

Red Smoke

Golden Fog


Water Baby

Cypress Pond

Deadrise to Red Eye's

Peace and Joy

Incoming Ideas

Boy Meets Universe

Egret Formal

One, Two,Two

IMG_3797 - Version 2Under Water Colors

IMG_3458 - Version 9Topsail

IMG_2643 v2Myster On DeckMystery on Deck

Fireworks in Malta

Father and Daughter

IMG_1440 - Version 2Impressionist Cafe

Pelican Protest

Ice house

Yellow Styx

Coffee Maker 


Mother and Child

Suspended Animation

The Jetty 

A Moment in the Day

Sticking the Landing

Golden Age Together 

Drawbridge Mechanics

Fado in Lisbon

Thrill in the Rigging Aloft

Lavender and Rose

Sunshine and City Lights -- Fabric Sculpture