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A View Askew, Along the Intracoastal Waterway   (420 pages, 7.5" x 9.25", paperback)

In A View Askew, award-winning photographer Kathy Bennett Dove explores the Waterway from a variety of angles, showing what days and nights are like on a slow-go cruise. See what she sees—unique or commonplace. The narrative weaves information and humor into diverse topics such as navigation, enticing alligators, boat handling, pelicans, collision courses, unexploded bombs, historical background, edible spam, and characterful towns.

Kathy’s at her storytelling best describing a night in an uncharted creek and adventures crossing rough waters.The travelogue is laced with 400 pictures that reveal beautiful national refuges, the hidden sides of cities, resorts and military bases, Jurassic cranes, serene anchorages, pink and gold sunsets, the love boat and ten foot flamingoes. Birds and trees unveil their personalities, colors surprise, and little worlds of imagination disclose their existence. Once you encounter a visual concept such as “an inch of land” or an operatic tree, you will always be able to see it. It’s likely you’ll come away with an increased perception of your own surroundings. When you reach the destination at Kent Island, MD, you’ll realize that you also experienced the trip, you know much more than you did, and maybe, you’ll wish to go again.

— “Part travelogue, part coffee table art book, part cruising guide, “A View Askew” by Kathy Bennett Dove is an ode to the sights and sounds of the Intracoastal Waterway and a personal meditation on a slice of Americana that few today get to experience. Dove breaks down the barriers to cruising by embarking on a three-part, 46-chapter odyssey aboard a 32-foot trawler that was done in three completely digestible two-week intervals. Sharing her appreciation for everything along the way, from quirky to historic to industrial, Dove describes the days and duties in unintimidating layman’s terms, nudging into action anyone even contemplating seeing and understanding a part of this amazing country.”  Zuzana Prochazka, Executive Director, Boating Writers International

— “Kathy Bennett Dove offers a page-turning account of a trip up the proverbial ‘ditch’ in all its splendor and shortcomings. The book reads like a stroll along the ICW: leisurely, languid, besotted with glorious photos and quick observations, vignettes that frame its history and glimpses of the people who traverse its waters. It’s a must-read for anyone contemplating a trip north or south but who has reservations about journeying such a long way on a boat. This book will change her mind.”  Jane Meneely, former editor, Chesapeake Bay Magazine

— “Life enriching, stunning writing, thinking and photography…a joy. I am learning all the while I read…funny, fascinating."  Anne Mayo Graf, Musician, world sailor