Part Two, Chapter 3 --Deep Creek, St. Johns River, FL


The entrance into Deep Creek was not as difficult as Tom had first thought, but it did take a concerted effort. Poles stuck up and things were sunken and all had to be avoided.  Once past the entrance, it was as advertised — deep. Maybe because it was billed as being difficult to enter, it exuded a forbidden beauty that was private, primordial, and pristine. Strangely, we were off the charts of the iPad, so as far as it was concerned, we were on land and the navigation app didn’t follow us down the river. We were still located by GPS, but with no waterway or roads shown on the maps, no one could find us now. 


“Narrow Bends”

It was late afternoon so we wanted to find our anchorage soon. We had motored along the narrow, winding curves, until we got the feeling that the dead end was not appearing any time soon. Little coves hid under overhanging branches, and delicate white tree branches added white lightning, completing a texture and palette. It was stunningly beautiful and I wanted to capture every new composition that was displayed as we moved. 


“White Lightning Trees”


“Focal Point”


“Reflection Composition #1”