Camp Lejeune NC

Camp Lejeune NC

Camp Lejeune, Jacksonville NC — passed during the day

Tom saw this sign today:

Naval Station Norfolk Military Exercises:

Naval Station Norfolk will conduct training July 5, 10, 19, 24, Aug 2, 7, 16, 21, 30 along the waterfront in the Elizabeth River in approximate position 36 56′ 09″ N, 76 20′ 12″W in the vicinity of Piers 1 to 5. NAVSTA Harbor Security boats and Atlantic Target vessels will be in the area.  This training will consist of blank automatic gun fire, all vessels are asked to stay clear of the training area. Vessels may be contacted on VHF-FM 14 and 72.

I wouldn’t want to be hit by blank ammo, but would I know if I had been?

I was OK with this sign, mainly because I saw that the dates excluded my need to think about it, even if I didn’t know what year this had been posted. Otherwise I might have been anxious to remember all the dates, positional numbers, and pier locations after the quick glance. Since the waterway has no alternative detour routes, it might be difficult to stay clear.  And now that I am here — awkward!

With this sign you may not know it is an active event unless you pass by at the right time, i.e. active.  I wondered what would happen if someone passed the “flashing lights” sign just before the lights started flashing. But you could always call, if there were cell phone service (which we haven’t had for two days). Anyway, I could find out what I missed on the radio (who on a boat has an AM radio?).  

Is that a secure communications set-up with that 1940’s wiring for flashing lights?  Did the faded sign under flashing lights say STOP? Oops.

Multiple variations of “Do Not Enter“ signs are either not observed or not taken seriously. Maybe this is a fake military summer camp resort where you can send your kids.

Comfy place to fish and while the afternoon away with a little beach, hopefully with a Porta-Potty or friendly bush somewhere?  Here’s a close up of the sign several feet away:

Yeah, those guys called ahead. I’d want an approved access so the ordnance wouldn’t explode if I tripped over one… No one wants to be caught with their pants down.

Then we passed a colorfully-camouflaged dumpster, riddled with holes by sharpshooters able to hit that target. (I think the front side would be an interesting art piece or conversational starter.)

Long stretches of the Base Camp Lejeune waterway area were very pretty, though some places looked a bit bizarre.  Tank-like structures were scattered on the landscape in one area, no doubt for artillery practice, but they looked eerie, curiously hairy and bewhiskered, and a bit antiquated, all at the same time.

Poor thing looks dejected. Looks like it never got a shot at anything.

What do you mean it locked up?

Yes, that is another live person and his boat by the shore on the top right, and the observable sign there is in back of him to the left.

And the sign says:

Hello? Many more joined him on this lovely day.

Was this a pre-July 4th Celebration with explosions on shore to enjoy? The unexploded ordnance area, however, should not be a place for unruly children running about — or is it?  One should not rule out effective ways to get rid of nuisances too quickly? 🙂

Interesting section to float through. I feel better about our military’s readiness already. On to Norfolk soon.